Jurate V, Lithuania.
Apartment rent in Riga., 2016

I want to express my biggest thanks to Olga, who was very careful and patient in helping me to find the apartment in Riga. I wish her all the best and hope she meets good customers; it is the professional you can really trust.

Gerhard Erasmus, Republic of South Africa.
Rent apartment, Riga., 2016

I had the opportunity of dealing with Melina, one of the associates. I would like to compliment you on excellent and professional service! It was a pleasure dealing with your company. Will recommend you to my friends.

Martin Lowndes, England.
Apartment rent in Riga., 2016

I found the company by searching on the internet for an apartment to rent. The provision for initial inquiry was good - there was an e-mail inquiry field on the website. My e-mail inquiries and questions were promptly and informatively answered, and within a few days I was sent a provisional rental agreement for my reference. When I met the agent and and viewed the flat, I was very politely and efficiently dealt with. It was a very smooth and pleasant service, and we were quickly able to conclude the rental agreement. I would highly recommend the company's service. Thank you very much!

Ena Ostroški, Croatia.
Apartment rent in Riga., 2015

Thanks to Ms. Olga I have found a very nice and cozy apartment to live in Riga. Due to her friendliness my removal to Latvia was less stressful. Ms. Olga helped my to set all things in connection to the apartment in a very professional way and took care of work to be done diligently. Moreover, I have to say that she every time deals very professionally with all my additional requests.

Richard, UK
Apartment rent in Riga., 2016

I have found Mercury Estate Latvia very good, they always answer emails quickly and professionally, the service they provide is the best! agents always are helpful in all matters, they solve all inquiries and make you feel at ease without stress... I will only use Mercury estate Latvia now and for the future as I have much trust and confidence in them. Richard UK.

Bodenstab/Joerg, Germany.
Apartment rent in Riga., 2016

I was looking for a long time rental in Riga and was managed by a very friendly and professional Rental Associate /Sales Associate named Olga. She was listening to my requests and quickly came up with some excellent options for visits. She was always reachable and with timely responses an all ways of communication in best english language. I'd like to say thanks for the excellent job provided thus setting a positive example in the business as a house agent.

Марианна, Борис, USA
жилой дом, 2016

Мы нашли компанию Mercury Group в Интернете и обратились с просьбой помочь в приобретении жилого дома. На протяжении месяца мы осмотрели около 30 домов по 3-4 дома в день. С нами работала чудная, Alina Merca. Она организовывала просмотр домов, связывалась с хозяевами и не было ни одного случая срыва. В результате мы приобрели дом, который удовлетворят всем нашим вкусам и требованиям. Алину обязательно пригласим на новоселье, в приобретении нами дома есть ее большая заслуга. Латвия чудная страна с прекрасной природой, чистенькая, аккуратная с хорошей экологией. Жители приветливые, отзывчивые. В Риге 85 процентов населения говорит на русском. Рига старинный, красивый город. Всем своим знакомым буду рекомендовать Латвию и Компанию, которая так нам помогла.

Bjørn Vikås, Norway.
Apartment rent in Old Town., 2016

We had the pleasure to visit Riga last week for first time and was helped by your employee ALINA MERCA to find us a nice apartment. During two busy days she helped us in a very profecional way, looking throug several alternativ apartments. Alina Merca took care of all paperworks smoothly and we are very satified with her support. I think Mercury Group is lucky to have her. Riga City looks like a very nice Capitol and we really look forward to stay there for a while.

Beathe Kristin Andestad, Norway.
Apartment rent in Riga., 2016

Thanks to Alina we found a very nice apartment to live for the next few years. Our first experience with Riga is very positive. We think this was mainly because of the hospitality, flexibility and friendliness of Alina. Visits to apartments were well organised and executed in a professional and efficient way. She personally drove us to all those apartments to visit and shared her enthusiasm about Riga with us. In addition she also explained a lot about our future place to live.

Озерчук Александр
Квартира, 2015

Агентство предоставило полный спектр услуг по поиску и аренде квартиры в Риге. Остался очень доволен сервисом и доброжелательным отношением. Огромное спасибо!

Helve, Ewan, AnnMari, Eric
Dzīvoklis, 2000

Sveicināti! Mēs tikai gribējām pateikt paldies un dzīvoklis mums ļoti patika. Bija prieks ar jums sadarboties un noteikti izmantosim jūsu pakalpojumus atkal.

Константин Солодовников
Рига / Центр / Пулквиежа Бриежа, 3 комн., 2015

Работа с агентством очень понравилась. Агент Ольга Загайнова эффективно и быстро помогла подобрать необходимую квартиру именно с таким сервисом, как я просил.

Дмитрий Самойлов
квартира, 2015

Работал с менеджером Ольгой Загайновой. Очень оперативно и профессионально помогла арендовать квартиру. Результатом доволен, рекомендую.

Кварира, 2015

Очень довольны профессионализмом и оперативностью менеджера Ольги Загайновой. Был подготовлен большой список вариантов, среди которых был быстро найден подходящий по всем параметрам. Сопровождение сделки по аренде было на высшем уровне.

Александр Новик
Kвартира., 2015

Подбор квартир точно соответствовал запрашиваемым параметрам, специалист Ольга Загайнова очень помогла не только в поиске и оформлении, но и в советах по пребыванию в новом городе.

Thomas Skudal
Raina Bulvaris, 2015

Service-minded and constructive approach, very helpful in our search for an apartment in Riga.

Alexandre Shengelia
Apartment, 2007

" ia ochen dovolen vashimi uslugami v Rige, xoroshaia firma, udobnie kvartiri, i normalnie ceni, budu sotrudnichat dalshe. Alexandre Shengelia"

Kati, Teemu
Apartment, 2007

"We had a nice weekend in Riga in this nice apartment on Elizabetes street! Thank You! Kati, Teemu Timo, Sara From Finland"

Remi Waage
Apartment, 2000

The apartment was great and I loved the stay here in Riga. Best Regards, Remi Waage

Timothy Karlsson
Apartment, 2015

I have had a very good experience with the Mercury Group. The apartments offered were all in attractive locations and reasonably priced, fitting into the general criteria I had. My interaction with Olga Zagainova has been very positive. She's been helpful, answering any questions I had promptly and being accommodating in a way that has eased my move from Sweden to Latvia. I would recommend anyone moving to Riga to get in touch with the Mercury Group so as to get the best possible help.

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