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Legal support of the transactions

Support of real estate transactions abroad is quite a complicated process, which is subject to high risk and requires specialised legal knowledge at an international level. The procedure consists of several stages, including legal examination of documents, drafting of real estate sale or lease agreements, receipt of entitling documents. This process is also complicated by the peculiarities of the local legislation for non-residents. Therefore, competent legal support is required to guarantee the safety of your real estate transaction, minimise the risks, and save time.

Real estate transaction abroad usually involves several stages and takes about 2 months:

  • The seller and the buyer sign the proposal, in which the intention to close a transaction, cost, details of the real estate unit, conditions of payment of deposit and terms are indicated;
  • The agreement is drafted, all the necessary documents are collected, and deposit is paid. The buyer and the seller sign the agreement in the presence of a notary;
  • The deed is registered in the register of owners and the proprietary rights are transferred.

MG Luxury Estate provides complete legal support of real estate transactions abroad:

  • Preparation of documents;
  • Drafting of sale or lease agreements;
  • Verification of the real estate unit for legal clarity;
  • Advising on real estate taxation in a particular country;
  • Obtaining of entitling documents for real estate;
  • Real estate registration in state authorities.


Experience in international transactions and close cooperation with lawyers around the world allow us to ensure reliable and transparent support of real estate transactions.

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