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Buy property, house. Thailand, Phuket, Kamala
  • ID: TH-2-10512
  • Luxury propery price 969 540 EUR 969 540 EUR
House • For sale
Buy property, house. Thailand, Phuket
  • ID: TH-2-10584
  • Luxury propery price 561 132 EUR 561 132 EUR
House • For sale
Buy property, house. Thailand, Phuket
  • ID: TH-2-10587
  • Luxury propery price 758 472 EUR 758 472 EUR
House • For sale
Rent, house. Thailand, Phuket, Пханг Нга
  • ID: TH-2-19836
  • Luxury propery price 657 800 EUR 657 800 EUR
House • For rent
Buy property, apartment. Thailand, Phuket, Kamala
  • ID: TH-2-17960
  • Luxury propery price 599 628 EUR 599 628 EUR
Apartment • For sale
Buy property, house. Thailand, Phuket, Пханг Нга
  • ID: TH-1-17220
  • Luxury propery price 511 324 EUR 511 324 EUR
House • For sale
Buy property, land. Thailand, Phuket, Mai Khao
  • ID: TH-1-17219
  • Luxury propery price 4 441 805 EUR 4 441 805 EUR
Land • For sale
Buy property, apartment. Thailand, Bangkok, Other
  • ID: TH-1-17209
  • Luxury propery price 707 590 EUR 707 590 EUR
Apartment • For sale
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Many people dream of living in a small paradise. In real estate terms this would be to own a property in Thailand. Those who have been there at least once and have had a wonderful holiday start looking for ways to buy a property in Thailand as it opens the door to a comfortable life and exotic holidays.


Price is the main factor for people thinking whether or not to buy real estate in Thailand; however, such a profitable purchase will solve many problems for those who are looking for extra income. Rental prices in Phuket is the main information people are interested in when they plan a holiday in Thailand. Choosing comfort over crowded hotels, people prefer to stay in private and exotic houses to make their precious holiday time memorable. Real estate prices in Pattaya are attractive and tourist-friendly. Those who decided to buy a property in Thailand some time ago are now making money by renting it out.

Finding a property for sale in Thailand is not a problem. The internet will present you with something suitable and you will soon be able to let your property in Thailand and start earning money.

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