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Buy property, land. Italy, Lake Como , Mezzegra
  • ID: IT-2-15124
  • Luxury propery price 1 000 000 EUR 1 000 000 EUR
Land • For sale
Buy property, land. Italy, Lake Como , Menaggio
  • ID: IT-2-15123
  • Luxury propery price 650 000 EUR 650 000 EUR
Land • For sale
Buy property, land. Italy, Lake Como , Menaggio
  • ID: IT-2-15122
  • Luxury propery price 1 500 000 EUR 1 500 000 EUR
Land • For sale
Buy property, investment project. Italy, Sicilia
  • ID: IT-7-20848
  • Luxury propery price 5 800 000 EUR 5 800 000 EUR
Investment project • For sale
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Italy not only has many beautiful Mediterranean resorts, which are popular all over the world, but also its countryside is now in demand from holidaymakers and those   thinking of buying a winery or a house in a village in order to take up agrotourism. Despite the cost, the popularity of expensive recreation in the country's megacities is not falling because people want to enjoy Italy’s rich history and to embrace the world of beau-monde, boutiques and festivals.                   

Currently, the process of purchasing real estate is not so difficult if you place your trust in the professionals to do their business. Buying land in Italy has proven to be  profitable for many people because it means investing a little less money than buying a finished mansion. Also, you will be able to build the house of your dreams on the land you have chosen. Plots of land for building are sold in almost all regions of Italy and can be located in the coastal regions, for example, on the Adriatic coast or in Liguria. It is also possible to buy land in Tuscany, in the suburbs of megacities, in rural areas and even close to the ski resorts. Prices for land in Italy vary widely - from hundreds of thousands of euros to several millions; everything depends on the infrastructure, the prestige of the region, the plot of land itself, and the view from the window.

On our website you can find the most diverse real estate in Italy to satisfy everyone’s requirement. Our company specialists are always glad to help you with your selection of real estate.