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Buy property, apartment. UAE, Dubai, Palm Jumeirah
  • ID: AE-1-15335
  • Luxury propery price 1 148 243 EUR 1 148 243 EUR
Apartment • For sale
Buy property, apartment. Cyprus, Limassol
  • ID: CY-2-2342
  • Luxury propery price 930 000 EUR 930 000 EUR
Apartment • For sale
Buy property, apartment. Latvia, Riga, Centre
  • ID: LV-5462
  • Luxury propery price 2 007 700 EUR 2 007 700 EUR
Apartment • For sale
Buy property, apartment. Latvia, Riga, Centre
  • ID: LV-6062
  • Luxury propery price 871 170 EUR 871 170 EUR
Apartment • For sale
Buy property, house. Latvia, Riga, Old Town
  • ID: LV-2038
  • Luxury propery price 3 500 000 EUR 3 500 000 EUR
House • For sale
Buy property, hotel apartment. UAE, Ras Al Khaimah, Akoya
  • ID: AE-1-13170
  • Luxury propery price 1 127 565 EUR 1 127 565 EUR
Hotel Apartment • For sale
Buy property, apartment. Turkey, Alanya
  • ID: TR-3-13098
  • Luxury propery price 330 000 EUR 330 000 EUR
Apartment • For sale
Buy property, apartment. Portugal, Lisboa, Cascais
  • ID: PT-2-10389
  • Luxury propery price 3 800 000 EUR 3 800 000 EUR
Apartment • For sale
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Where to buy property with profit

These days it’s common to buy foreign property, as it opens the door to comfortable living and holidays abroad. To invest in foreign apartments is a growing trend. During the economic crisis real estate prices fell and many companies, businessmen, and proactive investors bought apartments to let them.

According to foreign real estate specialists, the decision to buy an apartment in Spain will bring much profit and extra income in 2017. According to the information from Spanish real estate websites, prices for Spanish property decreased by 23% in 2005 and only started to grow in 2015. The Spanish economy is currently in a state of recovery, the unemployment level is falling, and people are tending to rent out comfortable and modern apartments. Barcelona is one of the cities with a rising demand for apartments to rent. As a result, Barcelona is becoming very attractive for investors. As this trend continues, now is the best time to buy an apartment in Spain.

Those who are looking for a stable real estate market in which to invest should consider buying an apartment in European countries, such as Latvia or Germany.

You have to take into account that cheap apartments are usually located away from the city centre and will probably need to be renovated. Also, prices for these apartments will not grow rapidly and significantly. Luxury apartments abroad are a much more attractive investment. During the crisis, prices for luxury apartments are strong and stable.

The procedure of buying a residence abroad is not complicated, and you can do it through the Internet. However, you have to act responsibly! You can entrust our specialist to select the property that you would like and a lot of your time will be saved. We will also prepare the documents, complete the property transfer and sign contracts with the service providers.

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