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Buy property, house. Italy, Piemonte, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola
  • ID: IT-4-18499
  • Luxury propery price upon the request EUR upon the request EUR

House • For sale

Buy property, apartment. UAE, Dubai, Palm Jumeirah
  • ID: AE-1-15335
  • Luxury propery price 1 148 243 EUR 1 148 243 EUR

Apartment • For sale

Buy property, house. Cyprus, Paphos
  • ID: CY-1-1851
  • Luxury propery price 2 500 000 EUR 2 500 000 EUR

House • For sale

Buy property, apartment. Cyprus, Limassol
  • ID: CY-2-2342
  • Luxury propery price 930 000 EUR 930 000 EUR

Apartment • For sale

Buy property, apartment. Latvia, Riga, Centre
  • ID: LV-5462
  • Luxury propery price 2 007 700 EUR 2 007 700 EUR

Apartment • For sale

Buy property, apartment. Latvia, Riga, Centre
  • ID: LV-6062
  • Luxury propery price 871 170 EUR 871 170 EUR

Apartment • For sale

Buy property, house. Latvia, Riga, Old Town
  • ID: LV-2038
  • Luxury propery price 3 500 000 EUR 3 500 000 EUR

House • For sale

Buy property, hotel apartment. UAE, Ras Al Khaimah, Akoya
  • ID: AE-1-13170
  • Luxury propery price 1 127 565 EUR 1 127 565 EUR

Hotel Apartment • For sale

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Buy luxury real estate abroad: elite residential property, apartments, villas, mansions, cottages, commercial property. Luxury international real estate for sale!

Luxury real estate or premium properties in our catalogue – is the most prestigious property that offers high standard and the most luxurious houses. Luxury property speaks for owners high social status.

In order to buy luxury property, you only need to contact our agents and we will select a real estate item for you for free. Some exclusive and up-marked luxury properties are not are not presented in our catalogue on our luxury property website, therefore you can contact us and we will provide you properties from our closed database.

Mercury Group Luxury Estate offers the best cooperation terms, our partners specialize in premium properties. They are high professionals in real estate market field. Luxury real estate is a safe investment; crisis does not influence this segment. You don’t have to worry that your property will lose its value. We offer exclusive real estate listing  attractive for investments: luxury property investment, apartments in historical parts of the city, mansions, luxurious cottages, new housing developments. We guarantee you safe deals and full legal support.

Real estate rentals: luxury houses for rent in prestigious regions.

Mercury Group Luxury Estate will help to find luxury apartments for rent or help to rent luxury cottage, house or villa. It is easy to rent luxury vacation homes , vacation luxury rentals, find luxury apartments, luxury studio apartments abroad. Choose the most suitable and luxurious apartment or villa at European fabulous resorts, where all around are swimming pools, terraces. The rest is on us. We have many offers for fabulous rest and leisure in Jurmala. Holiday houses for rent in Jurmala: houses near coast, luxury apartments with beautiful sea views. Same offers at other European resorts are available. Villas on seashore for rent in Spain. Luxury villa rentals spain – what could be better than unforgettable vacation and comfortable living abroad.

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