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Education in Miami

Compulsory education in the USA begins at the age of five, when a child enters kindergarten, though the schooling system differs slightly in every state. Generally, education in schools falls into three levels:

  • Elementary school – kindergarten to grade 5
  • Middle school – grade 6 to grade 8
  • High school – grade 9 to grade 12

Public education in USA is generally free, though some schools require their students to buy some books and uniforms. If you decide to send a child to public schools, there are several advantages; firstly, the schools placement is determined by geographical location, therefore a child will go to a school close to home, and secondly, the costs are minimal.

Private schools in America are considered to be better than public, and do not have to conform to government educational directives. This provides teachers with more flexibility and opportunity to adapt the curriculum and employ a variety of teaching styles. Ex-pat parents who want to send their child to one of the more popular US private schools should be aware that there is a competition for places. However, expats mostly send their children to international schools. Children who do not speak English fluently can attend special English language classes, which are also located in Miami.

Generally, American students choose colleges and universities away from their home. Usually they intend to leave their town and parents and move to another city in order to get higher education. Nevertheless, the University of Miami attracts both locals and foreigners, offering  116 undergraduate, 105 master's, and 63 doctoral degree programmes, so everyone can find something of interest. 

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