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Leisure and life

In recent years there has been an increasing trend of people moving to Turkey. Among these are Americans, Russians, Brits, Dutch, and many others. Their main reason for moving to Turkey is the low cost of living. Particularly compared to countries such as Great Britain, Germany, and The Netherlands, Turkey has had stable economic growth over the past years, but still the prices have stayed at the same level, thus making a comfortable life affordable here. The second biggest reason for moving to Turkey is the beautiful weather and marvellous nature. Its beautiful landscapes are like nowhere else in the world. Last but not least, is the diverse Turkish cuisine. Turkish cuisine is among the top 10 most attractive world cuisines. When it comes to settling in Turkey as an ex-pat, one of the major problems is learning the language. Many ex-pats learn Turkish and Russian, English or German.  

Events and Festivals

The Camel Wrestling Festival - Camel wrestling isn't as widespread across Turkey as it used to be, and is now confined to the Aegean region of the country, along the west and south-west coast. Each January a camel wrestling festival takes place. Basically a couple of male camels, known as bulls, have the chance to fight over a lovely female camel, known as a cow.

The Open Door Architecture Festival - If you're visiting Istanbul in May, you should definitely attend the Open Door Architecture Festival, which takes place every year. Istanbul is full of the most fabulous architecture, but much of it is usually behind closed doors and inaccessible to the public. During the open door festival, however, some doors which are usually closed are opened, and you can get to see inside architecturally and historically important buildings.

Kas Lycia Festival – during this festival you can see local and international folk dances in addition to opera performances, ballet, and art exhibitions around the town, and combine this with days on the beach, at the water park, or shopping for souvenirs, as Kas is also a popular tourist destination. 


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