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Education in Turkey

Education in Turkey is compulsory from the age of 6 to 14, and is free in state schools. The academic year in Turkish education institutions begins in mid-September or early October and continues to May or early June. There are 6 types of schools in Turkey. 

  • Public High Schools: Anyone who completes 8 years of basic education can go to Public High Schools. After that they can go to higher education institutions;
  • Vocational High Schools: Some of these schools may take an additional year to complete. Graduates can automatically go to higher vocational schools in their respective fields of study if they wish. If they succeed in the university entrance examination, they can go to 4-year schools in their respective fields;
  • Anatolian High Schools: One year of English study followed by 3 years of regular high school education, additional hours for English, Maths and Science lessons at these schools are sometimes taught in English, but other lessons can be taught in German or French;
  • Super High Schools. The difference between these and normal high schools is one extra year of English study;
  • Science High Schools. These are special public schools for students who have exceptional aptitude in the sciences. These high schools train students specifically for higher education in the sciences, technical and medical fields;
  • Private High Schools.  Most private high schools charge very high tuition fees and are very competitive.

On the subject of types of Higher Education Institutions, we should note that there are three main types of universities, which are, state universities, higher vocational schools, and private or foundation universities.  Eleven Turkish universities are featured in the QS World University Rankings 2016-2017. The majority of these top universities in Turkey are located either in Ankara or Istanbul, Turkey’s two largest cities. In Ankara, you’ll find Bilkent University, Middle East Technical University and Hacettepe University, while Istanbul is home to Sabanci University, Istanbul University, Koç University, Bogaziçi Üniversitesi and Istanbul Technical University.


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