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Latvia – is a country on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Its combination of a mild continental climate together with its proximity to the sea has a positive effect on one’s health. Forests, beautiful and clean lakes, picturesque national parks and reserves, fresh sea air, all form Latvia’s unique climate and nature. All four seasons are very distinct here with warm summers, golden autumns, snowy and frosty winters and verdant springs. However, you cannot say that the weather here is constant. Usually skies are partly cloudy with only a few sunny days per year. The warm period is in summer and starts in July and ends in August, when temperatures reach between 20-25 degrees. In winter, the temperature does not fall lower than – 10 – 15 degrees. The weather in spring and autumn is unpredictable, and may be either very dry, or rainy. 


Latvia is a multicultural country where European values and its rich history are enmeshed. Latvians speak several languages: Russian, Latvian and English. Therefore, Latvia is a unique place, where Russian-speaking and English-speaking investors will feel comfortable. 

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Properties in Latvia

Buy property, house. Latvia, Riga, Lucavsala
  • ID: LV-5611
  • Luxury propery price 780 000 EUR 780 000 EUR

House • For sale

  • Property location Latvia, Riga, Lucavsala
  • Land area 3 500 m2
  • Area 840 m2
Buy property, hotel. Latvia, Riga, Centre
  • ID: LV-6577
  • Luxury propery price 650 000 EUR 650 000 EUR

Hotel • For sale

  • Property location Latvia, Riga, Centre, Caka
  • Land area 250 m2
  • Area 400 m2
Rent, apartment. Latvia, Jurmala and region, Dzintari
  • ID: LV-6994
  • Luxury propery price 2 500 EUR 2 500 EUR

Apartment • For rent

  • Property location Latvia, Jurmala and region, Dzintari, Dzintaru prospekts
  • Area 150 m2
  • 3/4
Buy property, house. Latvia, Jurmala and region, Pumpuri
  • ID: LV-7453
  • Luxury propery price 530 000 EUR 530 000 EUR

House • For sale

  • Property location Latvia, Jurmala and region, Pumpuri, Ezeru
  • Land area 3 000 m2
  • Area 300 m2
  • 2/2
Buy property, house. Latvia, Riga district, Baltezers
  • ID: LV-7989
  • Luxury propery price 3 500 000 EUR 3 500 000 EUR

House • For sale

  • Property location Latvia, Riga district, Baltezers, Sencu boulevard
  • Land area 20 000 m2
  • Area 1 000 m2
Buy property, apartment. Latvia, Riga, Centre
  • ID: LV-8163
  • Luxury propery price 450 000 EUR 450 000 EUR

Apartment • For sale

  • Property location Latvia, Riga, Centre, Rupniecibas
  • Bedrooms 4 bedrooms
  • Area 177 m2
  • 4/6

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