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Mercury Group Luxury Estate offers property in Latvia for sale, purchase and lease. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a great intercultural experience and to explore a captivating world of traditions, relaxation and extravagance. 

There are many reasons why you should choose Latvia over other countries. The country offers an ecologically clean environment, a pleasant climate, a delicious and distinctive cuisine, and modern real estate with relatively low prices.  If you are looking for somewhere to invest with long term profit or if you are choosing a country for a comfortable and relaxing life, then you should definitely consider buying property in Latvia. 

Property prices in Latvia are different and vary from region to region and type of property. There is a wide choice of modern and stylish luxury property for sale in Latvia, such as villas, apartments, and commercial properties right by the sea. With our guidance and assistance you will be able to find a luxury home, analyse the real estate market and make a profitable and long term property investment in Latvian real estate. Those who are planning to do business in Latvia can explore our commercial property list which offers offices for rent, business centres, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial properties.  Real estate in Riga is a popular choice for long-term investment. 

We work with the most trusted Latvian real estate agencies, who have proven their competency with their high-quality service. Check out our best real estate offers in our catalogue, learn more about the country, its culture and traditions, visas, education, healthcare, and resorts and consider all the advantages of buying or renting a property in a unique country  together with us!


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Properties in Latvia

Buy property, land. Latvia, Riga district
  • ID: LV-7888
  • Luxury propery price 7 510 900 EUR 7 510 900 EUR

Land • For sale

  • Property location Latvia, Riga district
  • Land area 75 109 m2
Rent, apartment. Latvia, Riga, Centre
  • ID: LV-4600
  • Luxury propery price 3 200 EUR 3 200 EUR

Apartment • For rent

  • Property location Latvia, Riga, Centre, Ausekla
  • Rooms 5 rooms
  • Area 190 m2
  • 6/7
Buy property, commerce. Latvia, Riga, Centre
  • ID: LV-7872
  • Luxury propery price 490 000 EUR 490 000 EUR

Commerce • For sale

  • Property location Latvia, Riga, Centre, Barona (Centre)
  • Area 278 m2
  • 1
Buy property, house. Latvia, Riga district, Babite
  • ID: LV-4519
  • Luxury propery price 300 000 EUR 300 000 EUR

House • For sale

  • Property location Latvia, Riga district, Babite
  • Rooms 5 rooms
  • Land area 1 215 m2
  • Area 260 m2
  • 2/2
Rent, commerce property. Latvia, Riga, Centre
  • ID: LV-7862
  • Luxury propery price 2 890 EUR 2 890 EUR

Commerce property • For rent

  • Property location Latvia, Riga, Centre, Elizabetes
  • Area 170 m2
  • 1/6
Rent, commerce property. Latvia, Riga, Centre
  • ID: LV-7864
  • Luxury propery price 3 216 EUR 3 216 EUR

Commerce property • For rent

  • Property location Latvia, Riga, Centre, Alunana
  • Area 268 m2
  • 1/4

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