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Greece is known for its ancient culture, traditions and legends, breathtaking landscapes, highly developed tourism, delicious and very healthy Mediterranean cuisine, and blue waters and white shores - everything about it makes people return there, time after time, either to live or to spend some time. Every year 16 million tourists are attracted, and many decide to stay there to live and purchase a property in order to have the opportunity to go there whenever they like. Greece has become one of the top destinations, as many people are allured by the ancient historical and architectural sites, and by the beauty of nature and the environment. Such popularity brings a lot of foreign investments and funds to the country, encouraging its development.

Greece is located in Southern-Eastern Europe. 2000 islands around its coastline belong to Greece, though only 168 of them are inhabited. The geographical position of Greece has marked the development of many civilizations and has formed a very special environment with unique flora and fauna. The climate here is distinguished by hot and dry summers, and very cold and wet winters. In summer the temperature may reach between +30°С to +35°С degrees, sometimes topping +40°С, which is typical for a Greek summer. Those who come to Greece for a holiday in the summer period mostly leave the country with the impression that Greece is a tropical place, where the temperature remains high all year round, though this is not true. Greek autumns bring rain and cold winds, winter settles in with bitter cold, but spring brings a pleasant feeling of revival in nature.


The official language in the country is Greek. However, with the development of tourism and the ongoing process of globalisation, many young people speak English and know other popular European Languages. 

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Properties in Greece

Buy property, house. Greece, ,
  • ID: GR-2-22384
  • Luxury propery price 1 469 650 EUR 1 469 650 EUR

House • For sale

  • Property location Greece
  • Bedrooms 3 bedrooms
  • Land area 1 345 m2
  • Area 144 m2
  • -
Buy property, land. Greece, Central Macedonia, Chania
  • ID: GR-2-22383
  • Luxury propery price 740 000 EUR 740 000 EUR

Land • For sale

  • Property location Greece, Central Macedonia, Chania
  • Land area 10 500 m2
Buy property, land. Greece, Attica, Zografos
  • ID: GR-2-22382
  • Luxury propery price 600 000 EUR 600 000 EUR

Land • For sale

  • Property location Greece, Attica, Zografos
  • Land area 340 m2
Buy property, land. Greece, Attica, Peristeria
  • ID: GR-2-22381
  • Luxury propery price 800 000 EUR 800 000 EUR

Land • For sale

  • Property location Greece, Attica, Peristeria
  • Land area 1 000 m2
Buy property, land. Greece, Sounthern Aegean islands, Kythnos
  • ID: GR-2-22380
  • Luxury propery price 3 750 000 EUR 3 750 000 EUR

Land • For sale

  • Property location Greece, Sounthern Aegean islands, Kythnos
  • Land area 22 000 m2
Buy property, commerce property. Greece, Attica, Lagonisi
  • ID: GR-2-22379
  • Luxury propery price 6 200 000 EUR 6 200 000 EUR

Commerce property • For sale

  • Property location Greece, Attica, Lagonisi
  • Area 1 617 m2
  • -

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