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Education in Greece

Greek education falls into 3 main levels – Primary education, Secondary education, and Tertiary education. Primary education or “Dimotiko” is sub-divided into Pre-School education, which starts in kindergarten, and Compulsory Primary education, which is provided by a Primary school where a child obtains basic skills. Secondary education level is available in two alternatives, Compulsory Lower Level Secondary Education offered at Gymnasiums, and Post-Compulsory Upper Secondary Education, which is offered by the Unified Lyceums and Technical Vocational Educational Institutes.Tertiary Education in Greece, which follows Primary and Secondary Education, is divided into two parts; Greece University Education and Greek Higher Technological Education. English schools operate in many big cities in Greece, where English speaking children can go after school for extra reading and writing in English.

Schools in Greece offer excellent programmes, both for local students and foreign students, with teachers of the highest standard providing qualitative education. Many schools offer popular foreign languages, for example, English, Spanish, German, French, etc. The students are engaged in a wide array of cultural and social activities.The extra-curricular activities include forensics, yearbook, drama, computers, music, student council, etc. The elementary curriculum includes library classes, computer classes, physical education, music, and Modern Greek.

Greece has always been a progressive country. From ancient times, Hellens have valued the importance of being educated. Greece also gives a high priority to its education system, and is highly developed and advanced. The University Education in Greece provides a high level of theoretical and practical training in order to develop and secure the future scientific development of the country.There are 21 universities in Greece, of which the most reputable and popular and are: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Democritus University, The University of Patras, The National Technical University of Athens, University of the Aegean, and The University of Macedonia. Greek Universities have a widespread and accepted three-tier education system which provides Bachelor degree, Masters degree, and Doctoral degree studies. 

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Properties in Greece

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