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Culture and traditions

Customs and traditions are very important in Greek culture. Most of them began their history in ancient times and kept alive today. Greece is a country with a very rich history from the Bronze age, the classical period, the Roman period, the Ottoman period, and more. It is also known all over the world for its many famous people and their actions throughout the centuries. The adventures of Hercules, the myths of the ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses, and Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, are all well-known to everyone. The history of Greece is the greatest legacy that has been brought to modern days and is still valued by many people.

Nonetheless, modern Greece is quite a religious and superstitious country. Since the Byzantine times Greece has been influenced by the Christian Orthodox church, and around 98% of people belong to this religion.  Others are Muslims, Catholics and Jewish. Greece and Russia are the only countries to have such a great proportion of Orthodox population. The Greeks cherish Christian traditions and celebrate Names days. Along with that, they make official proposals and believe that people should get engaged before getting married and exchange wedding rings. This beautiful custom is still current on the Greek mainland, although gradually disappearing.

Another great tradition is a Greek carnival or "Apokries", which consists of two weeks of feasting. Everyone wear costumes, throws coloured confetti at each other, and parties take place in the streets and bars. The most famous carnival parade takes place in the city of Patra.

Greek architecture must be given a mention. Beautiful and historic buildings and monuments have survived throughout the centuries and can be enjoyed nowadays. Ruins from Minoan, Roman,Mycenaean, Classical, Byzantine, Medieval, Ottoman, and Neo-classical periods are penetrated with history and reflect the life of Greek ancestors. If you love history, or want to learn about it more, you should deifinitely come and behold these great ancient sites. 

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Properties in Greece

Buy property, house. Greece, ,
  • ID: GR-2-22384
  • Luxury propery price 1 469 650 EUR 1 469 650 EUR

House • For sale

  • Property location Greece
  • Bedrooms 3 bedrooms
  • Land area 1 345 m2
  • Area 144 m2
  • -
Buy property, land. Greece, Central Macedonia, Chania
  • ID: GR-2-22383
  • Luxury propery price 740 000 EUR 740 000 EUR

Land • For sale

  • Property location Greece, Central Macedonia, Chania
  • Land area 10 500 m2
Buy property, land. Greece, Attica, Zografos
  • ID: GR-2-22382
  • Luxury propery price 600 000 EUR 600 000 EUR

Land • For sale

  • Property location Greece, Attica, Zografos
  • Land area 340 m2
Buy property, land. Greece, Attica, Peristeria
  • ID: GR-2-22381
  • Luxury propery price 800 000 EUR 800 000 EUR

Land • For sale

  • Property location Greece, Attica, Peristeria
  • Land area 1 000 m2
Buy property, land. Greece, Sounthern Aegean islands, Kythnos
  • ID: GR-2-22380
  • Luxury propery price 3 750 000 EUR 3 750 000 EUR

Land • For sale

  • Property location Greece, Sounthern Aegean islands, Kythnos
  • Land area 22 000 m2
Buy property, commerce property. Greece, Attica, Lagonisi
  • ID: GR-2-22379
  • Luxury propery price 6 200 000 EUR 6 200 000 EUR

Commerce property • For sale

  • Property location Greece, Attica, Lagonisi
  • Area 1 617 m2
  • -

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