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One of the most popular and advanced resorts in Cyprus and is oriented to young people. From being a small town in ancient time, it only started to develop in the second part of the 20th entury, and has now grown into a huge city with bright neon lights, loud discos, and bars. This explains why Ayia-Napa is also called “the second Ibiza”. In the daytime this city is like a paradise with its splendid clean beaches and a great choice of entertainment.


This is quite a calm and peaceful resort in comparison with Ayia-Napa. Its steady and quiet pace of living is more suitable for a family holiday. A beautiful promenade, many small shops, modern hotels, impressive views, and lovely beaches - can all be found in Protaras.


A VIP city, with elite hotels, exclusive yacht clubs, houses, and restaurants. The quietest and definitely the most expensive resortin Cyprus.


A city in Cyprus, where a lot of architectural sights have been preserved. In comparison with Paphos, prices here are lower. Lanarca is distinguished by its pleasant and friendly atmosphere, beautiful beaches and memorable family holidays. 


A large economic centre and cultural resort. In a manner of speaking, the combined features of all the other popular resorts in Cyprusare here. Limassol appeals to couples, families, and respectable people. Everyone will find something to their liking here.  

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Properties in Cyprus

Buy property, house. Cyprus, Polis, Latsi
  • ID: CY-21005
  • Luxury propery price 3 000 000 EUR 3 000 000 EUR

House • For sale

  • Property location Cyprus, Polis, Latsi
  • Land area 3 000 m2
  • Area 300 m2
  • -/3
Buy property, apartment. Cyprus, Neapolis
  • ID: CY-21004
  • Luxury propery price 530 000 EUR 530 000 EUR

Apartment • For sale

  • Property location Cyprus, Neapolis
  • Area 125 m2
  • 3/5
Buy property, land. Cyprus, Lanarca
  • ID: CY-3-20998
  • Luxury propery price 4 590 000 EUR 4 590 000 EUR

Land • For sale

  • Property location Cyprus, Lanarca, Aradippou
Buy property, house. Cyprus, Lanarca
  • ID: CY-3-20940
  • Luxury propery price 550 000 EUR 550 000 EUR

House • For sale

  • Property location Cyprus, Lanarca, Dhekelia
  • Rooms 4 rooms
  • Land area 360 m2
  • Area 220 m2
  • 1/1
Buy property, house. Cyprus,
  • ID: CY-2-20875
  • Luxury propery price 500 000 EUR 500 000 EUR

House • For sale

  • Property location Cyprus
  • Land area 660 m2
  • Area 320 m2
  • -
Buy property, house. Cyprus, Limassol Marina
  • ID: CY-2-20868
  • Luxury propery price 5 493 600 EUR 5 493 600 EUR

House • For sale

  • Property location Cyprus, Limassol Marina
  • Rooms 1 rooms
  • Land area 828 m2
  • Area 654 m2
  • -

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