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Mercury Group Luxury Estate management team

Irina Alazova

Irina Alazova

Irina Azazova – is the owner and Chief Executive of international company Mercury Group Luxury Estate.

She has had a significant 15-year exposure to real estate. She began her career in 2000 as a specialist in real estate, renting apartments for holidays. Whilst with this team, she has gathered extensive experience in working with non-residents and foreign partners, and that in due course has allowed her to compete in the elite real estate segment in Latvia, and the whole world.

Irina has graduated from Latvian University, speaks three languages fluently and regularly attends training courses to maintain and develop her skills.

At present, she runs the international real estate agency, which specializes in sales, purchase and investments in premium class housing and commercial properties.

Irina says, “Our basic guidelines are built upon high ethical and management standards, along with an individual and personal approach to each and every client. By this, we mean the ability to listen and understand our clients’ interests and put them first. This is our corporate philosophy, which we abide by every day. Our work is based on a long-term perspective, as with our clients and funds, as with whole families, who have decided to invest in real estate. We are recommended by friends and relatives, and we see this as a great achievement of successful work”.

Much attention in the company is devoted to effective recruitment. In our employees, we value not only their intelligence, but also their pro-action, their ability to find information and contacts, and their integrity. These personal qualities enable the Mercury Group Luxury Estate team to use our practices effectively and provide high quality services and the best terms and conditions for cooperation.

Mercury Group Luxury Estate actively cooperates with foreign partners, who help our clients to solve all problems connected to estates around the world, starting from choosing a property and finishing with moving to another apartment, development and/or management.

Mercury Group Luxury Estate standards are recognized and highly rated by our foreign clients and partners, which is borne out by recommendations and references throughout the world.

Respectfully yours,
Irina Alazova


Diana Dzalbe

Диана Дзалбе

Диана Дзалбе - член правления, совладелец.