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Thailand Investments

The opportunity to invest in property with stable profit attracts many forward-looking investors. It’s obvious that before investing in real estate, you have to analyse the local market for prospects and potential risks.

For many years now Thailand has remained one of the most popular tourist destinations. In addition, many non-residents consider Thailand as an ideal place to do business, work for a rapidly developing company, obtain the highest standard of education, receive medical treatment, enjoy a new experience in intercultural communication, and invest in property. 

Non-residents see a number of advantages that persuade them to invest in property in the "The land of Smiles". Firstly, Thailand is a sufficiently developed country, which continues to develop and grow in various fields. Secondly, the country has a fairly large market of low-cost goods. Thirdly, the Thai government provides favourable conditions for doing business, and it  attracts many businessmen from all over the world. Fourthly, the conditions for buying a property are also very profitable.

The last two points are only made to support the fact that Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations, a place where millions of foreigners go every year, and many of them, impressed by the prospects, cost and living conditions, decide to stay there. As such, tourism sustains various sectors of the economy, and the real estate market and some businesses benefit from this. 

Real estate in Thailand: Phuket 

One of the best places for investing money in property has been, and remains to be, Phuket - one of the best resort places in the country. For more than 10 years, Phuket has been focused on tourists who have a high purchasing power. The government creates and improves laws that simplify the procedure for buying real estate, mortgage registration, etc.

The global crisis turned out to be less than world-wide and passed over Thailand without influencing the economy of the country. Moreover, the real estate market of Thailand is considered to be one of the cheapest in comparison with other countries, even though property cost growth amounts to 6-10% a year. These figures show how much an investor would gain after selling their property. In Phuket, there are currently a large number of facilities under construction, which will take approximately between 5 to 10 years to complete. During construction, the value of real estate is much lower and it is therefore recommended to invest in this type of property sooner rather than later. On completion, a significant increase in the price of land and objects is expected - from 20% to 40%. This percentage depends mainly on property location. 

Regarding short-term profit, the most common, reliable and promising solution is to rent out residential or commercial property. As mentioned earlier, tourism in Thailand is one of the most profitable fields. Leasing brings an income of between 5% to 15%, though that depends on the type of real estate and its location. Rent a property in Phuket, Thailand - this is one of the most common requests on the Internet. A lot of visitors, tourists, going to the country for a holiday or a business trip are looking for a house or an apartment where they can stay and live in comfort.

Buy property in Phuket: Prices

The following are types of real estate in Thailand that bring more income compared to other property types: 

  • Condominiums (from 100 000 Euros);
  • Villas (from 250 000 Euros);
  • Multiple objects of the same or different types.

Many investors who are aiming to get the biggest profit, buy several properties. Often, this is either a floor in a condominium or several villas in a village. Such an investment costs around EUR 1 000 000. Investments from EUR 5 000 000 can also be considered as a share in the construction project. EUR 20 million or more can be invested in the construction of large projects like 5 star hotels, condominiums, or projects of villas with sea views. 

Another type of investment is when you decide to buy a plot of land which will later be resold. Such property can be sold as it was purchased, or by installing communication. The value of real estate will increase not only in terms of price growth, but also due to the property value.

High ROI investments in Thailand

Hotel business for sale in Phuket, TH-2-10572
Price: 3 603 600 EUR
Object type Hotel
Rooms 2

Year: 2010
Number of rooms: 57
Beach: within 1,5km

A distinctive feature of the hotel: proximity to the Pathong infrastructure with supermarkets, bars and restaurants.

In the room: balcony / terrace (Superior and Deluxe), air conditioning, satellite TV, safe, mini bar, refrigerator, tea / coffee making facilities.

Hotel facilities: 1 restaurant (International cuisine), bar, 1 outdoor swimming pool, currency exchange, laundry, car rental, internet.

More information

Privileged life in modern villa in Phuket, TH-2-10565
Price: 1 484 226 EUR
Object type House
Rooms 4
Land area 1022 m2
Area 517 m2

A luxury complex of unique apartments and villas, erected over the valley with beautiful views of the golf courses, lush forests and rubber plantations that create an atmosphere of stylish tropical escapism. Communal swimming pool, library, children's club, fitness center, restaurants, bars, SPA, parking, 24-hour security.

Villa: these villas have been designed with artistic taste. Open layout, practical and functional styling. A subtle blend of bright elements exudes modern elegance, creates a sense of luxury. Villas with three main bedrooms and a small cinema hall, which can also be converted into a bedroom. Unique architecture and design. A high-quality materials create a natural cooling and good sound insulation.

Feature: villas are located in the famous five-star hotel complex, with an enviable record of awards. Owners can enjoy the entire infrastructure of the hotel.

More information

1st line luxurious villa in Phuket, Tailand, TH-2-10509
Price: 4 290 000 EUR
Object type House
Rooms 6
Area 230 m2

37 luxury villas on the beach with a direct access to the beach of Natai in the province of Phang Nga. The complex has everything for a wonderful holiday, a popular beach club by the sea, restaurants, SPA, a reception, 24-hour security, parking.

In the apartments: luxury villas with 5 or 2 bedrooms, with modern interiors, luxurious materials, impeccable design and stunning sea views.

Income: the company developer offers a contract for guaranteed rental income for 3 years - 6% per annum of the original cost.

More information

Enchanting apartments with fantastic views for sale in Phuket, TH-2-10582
Price: 651 022 EUR
Object type Apartment
Rooms 3
Area 171 m2

In the complex: 20 spacious apartments with 1,2 or 3 bedrooms, private pool and access to the roof. Community pool, fitness center, 24-hour security.

In the apartments: The design of the apartments is made by the European standards – spacious living space, huge stained glass windows overlooking the bay of Patong, beige and bed colors in a carefully chosen interior. On the top floor of the apartment there is way out on the terrace with a garden on the roof of the house, apartments on the ground floors with private pools and a sunbathing area.

Feature: proximity to the Pathong infrastructure with supermarkets, bars and restaurants.

More information

Apartments with beautiful sea and mountain views in Phuket, TH-2-10589
Price: 543 400 EUR
Object type Apartment
Rooms 3
Area 150 m2

In the complex: 3 buildings, in each building 6 luxury apartments, parking, 24-hour security.

In the apartments: Elegant sea view, terrace with private pool, concise and modern design. Following the idea of the designers, these apartments can be modeled and decorated according to the individual desires of the customers, which makes it possible to add additional bedrooms and to realize the interior of your dreams.

Feature: proximity to the Laguna Phuket complex: 5 5 * hotels, 30 bars and restaurants, 5 SPA centers, golf clubs ,fitness centers, kids clubs (from 4 to 12 years old), marine centers, volleyball and tennis courts, conference halls, business centers, shopping centers, clinics, banks.

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