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Our choice is Portugal

Have you ever thought about what will come first when you hear about Portugal? What associations does this small country cause? What can attract, or what does it hide in oneself? What horizons can open the westernmost country of Europe? In fact, not everyone can disclose the prospects of this region. Probably, the first thing that comes to mind is football, a resort or wine. Let's look at this colorful corner of our planet a little more carefully, and you will see that Portugal is worthy of your attention!

Interesting Facts:

  • The capital region is located in the TOP-10 rich on the continent;

  • The capital of Portugal Lisbon is one of the most ancient cities in Western Europe, and also one of the most respected cities in the world;

  • Portugal is the birthplace of the world-famous Portwein;

  • Portugal, a great colonial power, for half a century before Spain, France and England advocated the abolition of slavery. It happened in 1761;

  • The capital of the country boasts a unique object - the Vasco Da Gama bridge, which is 17,185 meters long (the longest bridge in Europe);

  • In 1290, the University of Coimbra was founded here, which at present is one of the oldest educational institutions in Europe;

  • Portugal produces about 70% of global bottle cap;

  • Murder of a bull, here, during bullfight refers to a crime;

  • Love of tea drinking The British borrowed from the Portuguese princess Catarina de Braganca (she in 1662 became the wife of the English King Charles II). It is in Portugal that the world's oldest tea company is located;

  • The Portuguese people are conservative and even in cities where one can lead a rural way of life;

  • A used car can be purchased about 600 €, although the minimum wage is 485 €, and the average - slightly above 1000 €. The largest income for those working in the sphere of housing and communal services;


Property market

Many analysts consider the real estate market in Portugal to be one of the most undervalued in Europe. It is inferior to the Spanish market, but Portugal's authorities have shown great interest in the direction of development of this industry and attracting investors, much more active than other EU countries. It should also be noted, that at the end of 2012, the Golden Residence Permit program is active in Portugal. This program enabled an investor from any country to obtain a residence permit in Portugal with the help of investment in real estate from 500 000 €. 

20-25% of real estate close deals are implemented with the involvement of foreign investment. This is understandable, because:

  • Portugal is an actively developing country of the European Union;

  • Russians have always been interested in the possibility of investing in warm countries, both for the purpose of regular recreation at sea or obtaining income from rent;

  • Getting a residence permit in Portugal is an open door to the countries of the Eurozone.

  • In Portugal, mortgage loans are again issued to foreigners;

  • Real estate prices in Portugal are on average lower than in Europe, and are currently very attractive;

  • The rental yield in Portugal is in the range of 5%;

In 2016-2017, the cost of real estate in Portugal is growing up and, most likely, this trend will continue in the coming years. High rates of construction are stable in the country, but this does not lead to an excess of offers on the market. On the contrary, in a number of areas one can observe even a certain shortage of real estate, especially in the segment that interests affluent buyers. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the "golden visas" in Portugal have become a hit for foreigners, among whom there are more and more businessmen’s from China. The inflow of serious money is invested in the fact that the market is being adjusted, and the average cost of a square meter is increasing. 

If we talk about the development of the situation in the country, then we can admit such an option that the average growth in value will be about 8-10% until 2020, but there will be a stable demand for real estate. If Portugal continues to manifest significant economic growth and will not allow us to speculate about the recurrence of the economic crisis, that the cost of Portuguese objects can grow even more significantly.

Uber Modern Luxury, PT-1-13138
Price: 2 750 000 EUR
Object type House
Rooms 3
Land area 917.00 m2
Area 520.05 m2

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Price: 2 500 000 EUR
Object type House
Rooms 8
Land area 3835.00 m2
Area 358.00 m2

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A spectacular villa in Faro, Portugal, PT-2-10375
Price: 3 500 000 EUR
Object type House
Rooms 9
Land area 2189 m2
Area 520 m2

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