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Buying golf real estate as a profitable elite investment.

From the earliest times, golf has been very popular. Unfortunately, we don’t know when golf was actually invented, though we do know that in 1457 it was reported that the king of Scotland, James II banned both football and golf as they were distracting him from archery training.

Golf is not just a sport; it is intellect, excitement, meditation, aesthetics and environment. It is a special lifestyle, which is not understandable and accessible to everyone. Golf is a unique phenomenon. It’s a sport, it’s leisure, it’s an informal business meeting - all things to everyone. The game involves communicating. During the game, the partners get to know each other better. What else could be better for business? 

The popularity of this kind of sport became the basis for the development of other areas. Somebody who likes golf and only prefers to play on holidays or at the weekend will need a certain restaurant, shops, hotels, high-quality equipment, an appropriate level of service. But others may prefer to buy a house near a golf course so that at any convenient moment they will have the opportunity to play golf. For example, after working hard all day it may be enjoyable to spend time with friends or even hold a business meeting. As a result, we understand that it’s not only the greenfield, but it’s a big industry in which investments are required, but which can also offer a colossal reward.

An increase in demand and rapid development became the main factors why people started to buy golf real estate. Developers noticed this growth in demand and began to undertake projects where one could live on an acceptable hobby level. According to realtors, it is prospective, elite investment of capital. Such golf residences were mostly constructed for those who could pay at least $4-5 million for real estate purchase, and are therefore classified as luxury property.

What else can attract golf residences? First of all, it represents the social and financial status of the buyer, whose intention is to demonstrate his/her financial stability. The owner of such a property has the opportunity not only to play golf, but also to visit different clubs (fitness club, dance lessons, swimming and others). Those who purchase real estate in golf clubs, not only buy a house, an apartment or land, they buy a lifestyle, a philosophy.

I would like to note that there is also a separate area of tourism -"golf tourism".

This segment of tourism is popular in many countries. The largest tour operators provide tours to well-known "golf courses". Many true connoisseurs of golf dream of playing exactly on the course where the famous sportsmen have played, or where they can inhale the frosty mountain air. Nevertheless, golf tours allow tourists to go around the world and try to play on the course of their choice. Travel agencies can offer a suitable place for every golf tourist. For those learning the sport, training courses are available with accommodation, A good opportunity to improve your skills on an educational excursion program and see the country.

The popularity of this area of tourism endorses the  stability and prospective of investing in a golf residence and generally in this direction. With active development and the growth of popularity, this investment will bring a decent profit, together with an incredible opportunity to plunge into the world of an elite sport.

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