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Catalogue of Luxury Properties

Our catalogue is intended to meet the highest international standards of premium class real estate. We carefully select each real estate item in prestigious locations around the world, offering elite city apartments, penthouses, country houses, historic mansions, and villas.

Long-term experience and knowledge of foreign markets enable us to find the most interesting offers of residential and commercial real estate around the world for our clients.

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Experience and professional approach

Mercury Group Luxury Estate – is an international real estate agency of luxury real estate. Successful experience since 2000 has established us in a leading position in the elite foreign real estate sector.

We specialise in luxury real estate sale in Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates, the USA and in other countries. Reliability and competence has helped us to earn a reputable name among our customers. Cooperation with foreign partners in the premium class real estate sector enables us to offer our customers the best elite projects.

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Residence through real estate

Every year the opportunity to obtain the EU residence permit attracts more and more foreign investors. Not only is the interest that drives international buyers to invest in a profitable residential or commercial property, but also the certain living and traveling privileges.

Mercury Group Luxury Estate offers full range of services for international investors who are willing to obtain residency by investment.

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Golf real estate

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Real estate in Golf Clubs - a profitable investment

Golf residences are a special world of luxury lifestyle, an indicator of stability, confidence and self-sufficiency. Buy only the best of the best, be a part of the elite society, live in the most beautiful and expensive places on the planet, enjoy an unforgettable vacation in the company, and use all services and comfort that golf clubs and resorts provide - it is prestigious.

Golf is an elite sport. Golf courses are popular not only among sports lovers and luxury holidays, but also for those who lead an exquisite and refined lifestyle.

Real estate without extra charges - is our fundamental rule!

What does it mean for you? - Our services are absolutely free! Purchasing a property though our company, you pay the same price as you would pay to seller directly. Our partners are proved international agencies with long experience and ideal reputation, to whom we can pledge our honor as they are our partners already for many years. We will coordinate you for direct comunication, help to choose the best option exactly for you, take care of your trip abroad to observe properties and supervise the legal support procedure. You will be fully satisfied with your chice!

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Special offers

Buy property, apartment. UAE, Dubai, Dubai Creek Harbour
  • ID: AE-1-10623
  • Luxury propery price 665 848 EUR 665 848 EUR
Buy property, twin houses. UAE, Abu Dhabi,
  • ID: AE-1-11449
  • Luxury propery price 1 061 055 EUR 1 061 055 EUR
Twin Houses
Buy property, apartment. Latvia, Riga, Centre
  • ID: LV-5464
  • Luxury propery price 480 000 EUR 480 000 EUR


  • 13/04/2018

    Real estate and financial consulting - two sides of the same coin

    Those days when the function of a real estate agent was reduced to a sample of more or less suitable objects from the database and receiving a commission, and when the agent himself could be completely uneducated and not a professional person, are gone. Indeed, high IQ is not needed to set parameters and take the client by the hand to the object. Who is a real estate agent in modern realities? And what are they, these modern realities?

  • 09/04/2018

    Difficulties that may be encountered when you are moving to the U.S.

    Each person reacts differently to the process of emigration. Some find themselves in a state of euphoria, while others become depressed. Sometimes people encounter difficulties when they are moving to another country; these are caused by a number of factors. In this blog we have prepared several important points that will simplify your move considerably.

Mercury Group Luxury Estate has been operating for more than 15 years in the real estate market. During the time, we have sealed hundreds of successful deal with foreign real estates, and among our customers are the citizens from Russia, Latvia, Germany, France, Britain, and USA.
Our exclusive database is being constantly updated with current offers. Our experts are constantly examining foreign real estate markets, carefully selecting the best proposals to be included in our database. All real estate items are evaluated by our experts for compliance with international standards of elite and exclusive real estates.}

New: Real estate in Miami

We are glad to inform you that we expanded the borders of our business to the USA!
Since March 2018, we are starting to work on a very interesting direction - the United States of America! In our plans are the most famous and prestigious states. 
This month, we start working with the sunny state - Florida and the world famous city - Miami. A city where summer last all year, beaches, the largest shopping centres, luxury restaurants and hotels, the main financial and banking centre, the famous University, prestigious districts, exclusive villas and skyscrapers! This is truly a delightful place to live and buy real estate. 

  • ID: FL-1-22874
  • Luxury propery price 1 627 400 EUR 1 627 400 EUR

Apartment • For sale

  • ID: FL-1-22867
  • Luxury propery price 1 394 672 EUR 1 394 672 EUR

Apartment • For sale

  • ID: FL-1-22861
  • Luxury propery price 1 096 065 EUR 1 096 065 EUR

Apartment • For sale

  • ID: FL-1-22473
  • Luxury propery price 1 814 850 EUR 1 814 850 EUR

Apartment • For sale

  • ID: FL-1-22390
  • Luxury propery price 335 570 EUR 335 570 EUR

Apartment • For sale

  • ID: FL-1-22858
  • Luxury propery price 3 247 200 EUR 3 247 200 EUR

Apartment • For sale

  • ID: FL-1-22385
  • Luxury propery price 849 035 EUR 849 035 EUR

Apartment • For sale

  • ID: FL-1-22397
  • Luxury propery price 386 512 EUR 386 512 EUR

Apartment • For sale